Happy Children makes Happy Country!!!!

Like many of you I was also shocked reading the headline “All The Accused In Kumbakonam Fire Which Took 94 Lives Acquitted By Madras High Court”

Did we or state/central governments learn any lesson from that 17 year old incident to make our cities and villages better for younger generation….

As per 2011 census 4 million children are child labourers.The plight they go through in those pathetic unworkable environment is different.

Once you pull them out of the gutter to provide education, many govt schools do neither provide quality education nor they feel the responsibility to bring them as responsible citizens.

Now we see a paradigm shift of children from private schools to government schools in Delhi.Raising the standard of govt schools should be the key focus of any government.

According to the fourth edition of the National Family Health Survey conducted in 2014-15, India’s national average IMR fell sharply from 57 to 41. The survey, released after a decade, also pegs Kerala’s under-five mortality rate (U5MR) at 7 on par with US.

It feels bad when kids die because of curable diseases due to lack of treatment.Today 30-60 children died in UP due to hospital and govt negligence.

Once you save them from all these you find them getting abused by strangers,friends,relatives and even in school.

Safeguarding them from abuse, providing good healthcare and good education should be the priority.

As a tax paying individual we feel that our hard earned tax money should be spent on such priorities rather than liquor abundance in TN , cow ambulance in UP and other less priorities.

Instead of making it mandatory to sing Vande Matram in schools healthy food, life and quality education should be made mandatory.